New Clubhouse 2019

New season with new Clubhouse...PLUS new perimeter fence and surrounding groundworks. We're nearly there.

The nights are getting lighter and we're all looking forward to getting back on the courts as soon as possible. The clubhouse is almost finished (and looking amazing).

The fence is nearly finished and the groundworks will be finished in approximately 2 weeks. The other good news is thanks to the funding awarded by the Renewable Energy Fund, the sloping grass banks have been replaced by a retaining wall. With match funding from the club and a fantastic deal from the contractor, the grass at the far side of the clubhouse has been removed and will be replaced by artificial grass, so we've got some extra space to use. The vegetation has been cut back from court 2 so that means we have no perimeter vegetation on the courts, this will help with court maintenance and future new courts.

However, the retaining wall was delayed because of the weather a few weeks back and the custom made balustrade (a building regulation requirement) could only be made once the wall was finished. This is the last thing to be done and is all in progress. The contractor confirmed yesterday that they expect to be off site by 11th March. We cannot allow access until then for insurance purposes. There's never a good time to close the courts, but the committee all agree that this has been the optimum time. Thanks to all of you for your continued patience and support going forward.

There is one last item of good news - we have a brand new, custom made honours board for 2019 and it's a beauty! We were able to do this through the generosity of The Rotary Club of Lanark who contributed £500 towards it. It's a very impressive centrepiece on our new feature wall. Exciting times are ahead for us and we look forward to settling in as soon as we can.

For those who want to see pictures, a few have been added below. Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see them!