Club Championships 2019

Thanks to everyone who has entered this year’s Club Championships. Draws have now been made with copies of the Draws and Competition Rules attached and on display in the clubhouse. Please take special note of the play by dates.

The Finals will be held on Saturday 14th September 2019, therefore all entrants must be available to play on this date should they be successful in reaching the finals.

It looks set to be an exciting year with lots of good games in store - play well and enjoy your matches!

Gents Singles Draw.JPG

Gents Singles

Gents Singles

Round 1 8th Aug

Round 2 22nd Aug

Round 3 3rd Sept

Semi Final 10th Sept

Ladies Singles Draw.jpg

Ladies Singles

Ladies Singles

Round 1 27th Aug

Semi Final 12th Sept

Gents Doubles Draw.jpg

Gents Doubles

Gents Doubles

Round 1 29th Aug

Semi Final 12th Sept

Mixed Doubles Draw.jpg

Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Round 1 15th Aug

Round 2 2nd Sept

Semi Final 12th Sept

Ladies doubles.png

Competition Rules 

Six players in the gents and four players in the ladies singles have been seeded.  

Pairings for the doubles competitions were pulled out of a hat.


Tournament Organisers: Colin Thomson and Theo Philip

The Championship first round matches must be completed by the dates on the table below.  Please be aware this is holiday season so arrange your games with this in mind and please take into account that a number of people are playing in all 3 competitions. Don’t leave games until the last minute as the courts are often very busy!

Championship information will be conveyed through the Lanark Tennis Club WhatsApp Group, website and a display board in the clubhouse. This will be updated prior to the next round commencing. WhatsApp will be used to inform players of these updates.

Date of finals - please keep this date free!

Saturday 14th September:  All games will be played on this date. Times to be confirmed so please keep the day/evening free!

Gents and Ladies Singles – **New** All players who lose their first match in the gents and ladies singles will automatically be entered into a separate draw for the Plate. Play by dates for the Plate competition will be issued in due course.

 Pre Match

· It is the responsibility of those drawn to play to make contact with each other and arrange a suitable match date/time within the timescales given.

 · Due to data protection we cant share details of our members, however most are on the WhatsApp group and can be accessed via the feature at the top of the group chat. Please ensure your name is visible to everyone in your settings. If you have any issues finding a players details , please email the club.

· Please do not use the Lanark Tennis Club WhatsApp Group to arrange games.

· One player should take responsibility for booking the court using the Booker App. Please be aware that if you are booking a court immediately after another match there could be a potential delay due to match time.

· Players should ensure they supply their own tennis balls.(encouraged to be Dunlop Fort All Court as these will be used on finals day).

· If a suitable date cannot be agreed, the person who cannot play will forfeit the match and their opponent will move into the next round.

· In the event if this situation arising please email Lanark Tennis Club on

Post Match

· Players are responsible for recording their match score in the clubhouse by circling the winner.

· The winning team also has the responsibility of emailing their score to the Lanark Tennis Club email address: after play has concluded.

Match Rules & Regulations

· A match will be played to the best of 3 sets (a player/team needs to win 2 sets to win the match).

· The right to be server or receiver or the choice of ends is decided by tossing a coin or spinning a racket.

· At the end of the 1st and every odd numbered game, players should switch ends of the court.

· At the start of a new set the player who received in the last game of the previous set now serves.

· In the event of players being tied at 6 games all in set 1,2 a tie break should be played to 7 points. In the final set a tie break should be played to 10 points

Match Etiquette

It is important to remember that in a tennis tournament, Fair Play includes:

· Turning up on time and being ready to start the game at the agreed time.

· Good sportsmanship, honesty and respect whether you win or lose

· Learning to challenge yourself

· Taking responsibility for your actions, calling scores and lines clearly and fairly even if it costs you the point

· Learning and following the rules and being a role model to younger people

· Enjoyment of the sport

Play by Dates:

Gents Singles

Round 1 8th Aug

Round 2 22nd  Aug

Round 3 3rd Sept

Semi Final 10th Sept

Ladies Singles

Round 1 27th  Aug

Semi Final 12th Sept

Gents Doubles

Round 1 29th Aug

Semi Final 12th Sept

Ladies Doubles

Round 1 8th Aug

Semi Final 9th Sept

Mixed Doubles

Round 1 15th Aug

Round 2 2nd  Sept

Semi Final 12th Sept

Any questions or queries please contact us via email.